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Introducing Tech Armour
Monthly Meetups In 2022

Rakaposhi Base Camp 2, Gilgit

30 April, 2022


    Tech Armour Meetup 2022 offical launch

    Why Introducing Tech Armour Meetup 2022 ?

    Tech Armour meetup is to bring entrepreneurs, startups, ceo’s, investors, sme’s, influencers & sharks (investors + entrepreneurs) in the same room every last weekend of the month.

    Tech armour will provide a decentralized system to all the stakeholders in which with out the third party stakeholders will be able to trust each-other & work together.

    Tech armour will connect all stakeholders every month to bring as much startups & entrepreneurs in the spotlight as possible.

    Tech armour mission is to speed up the advancement of technology in Pakistan.

    . Tech Armour is a Non- Profitable Organization.

    .Tech armour event content will be available online for free.

    .Tech armour is a group of entrepreneurs in which entrepreneurs help/guide other entrepreneurs without anything in return.

    .Tech armour will not differentiate entrepreneurs on their backgrounds.

    .Tech armour will work for the advancement of Pakistan. Every penny made by tech armour will spend on the growth of entrepreneurship.

    Meetup For Entrepreneurs | Startups | CEO's | SME | Investors | Sharks


    Seats AvailableTry to book your seat before 23rd Feb 2022 (you can cancel it anytime before event)

    Apply as a speaker, volunteer, intern, collaboration, startup

      Live Stream

      PKR 1000

      • Attend Live Stream

      CEO’s | Investors Online Participation

      pkr 5000

      • Ticket Price For Online Participation

      TAG Team

      TAG Team | Advisors | Investors | CEO's | Startup's

      Expected entrepreneurs | Investors | Startups | SME's & CEO's are 75

      Already Booked
      In Talks With CEO's
      Expected presence in-total is 75

      TAG Roadmap

      TAG Roadmap
      April 1

      TAG Products Launch

      TAG Products Launch
      Pmart.pk, iState.pk, TAG Magzine, TAG Exchange, TAG Token, TAG Venture Capital, TAG Lens, TAG NFT Market, TAG Membership, TAG Fund
      March 23

      TAG Main Launch

      TAG Main Launch
      February 26

      Tech Armour (DEMO 2)

      Tech Armour (DEMO 2)
      January 29

      Tech Armour (DEMO 1)

      Tech Armour (DEMO 1)

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